Time for CBS to come clean


Here is the latest on CBS, coming on the heels of an investigation by CBS lawyers on 60 Minutes, who blamed what happened there on 60 Minutesworking outside the CBS culture. This finding is bizarre, on the basis that the CBS culture is as toxic, if not more so than 60 Minutes. The report was basically a legalese rationale. Ms. Dushku told investigators she was written off the hit series ‘Bull’ after enduring sexual harassment on the set. Lawyers scolded CBS for its ‘antiquated’ views. 

The network has undertaken a companywide re-evaluation in the wake of the #MeToo movement that has forced three powerful men out of their jobs because of workplace conduct. 

The harassment at both CBS and 60 Minutesare now secondary to how they have addressed it, which has been to deny, defect and deceive. Neither organization has any business investigating and reporting on wrongdoings until they come totally clean. Their repeated statements on their wanting a safe work environment rings hollow.

Similarly, The Catholic Church has no moral authority as I discussed in this blog, again not just for the horrendous sex abuse, but for their coverups - quite frankly to avoid financial exposures.