Morally Bankrupt


The grand jury report about the most recent scourge within the Catholic Church is the government’s broadest look yet in the United States at child sexual abuse in the church.

I have been writing about sexual abuse within the Catholic Church for years and been very critical of Pope Francis. This horrendous discovery reveals a massive coverup – the largest to date. 

The position the church has taken to date is a defensive one, only reacting to when crimes became exposed, rather than doing an extensive investigation to determine how deep and wide the problem truly is. This irresponsible behavior will go down as the biggest coverup in history. As the #MeToo movement has evolved, “Oh, we weren’t aware of that” just doesn’t cut it anymore. If they weren’t aware, they certainly should have been. 

This revelation only deals with incidents that occurred in Pennsylvania. Now there is a North America wide investigation. My bet is that it is as bad, if not worse, in other states. Why doesn’t the Church come clean with what they know? What specifically did they do; and why could they not uncover what the prosecutors did? 

People committed suicide because of what they went through. That’s murder. There are responsibilities and consequences for such crimes. This can and should finish the Catholic Church off. They church have lost all moral authority. They should sell off all of their vast assets, make financial restitution to the thousands of victims, and fold their tent.