Small Wonder the Catholic Church is Dying


This New York Times article exposes yet again the toxic underpinnings of the Catholic church that will bring this institution to its knees. Denying students such as school valedictorian Mr. Christian Bales the right to speak, particularly now when freedom of expression is at risk, is outrageous. 

I read the speech. The principal and other powers that be can’t even be honest about why they censored him. They also unceremoniously censored Ms. Katherine Frantz, the president of the class. Rather than censoring students who have every right to be angry and have every right to be personal, they should be doing a lot more to address the sick and evil pedophile priests who have been abusing these kids for a very long time. The Catholic church has no moral authority to weigh in what kids say privately or publicly.

I applaud Christina Caron at the New York Times for reporting on this shocking injustice. I further applaud Mr. Bales’ parents for supporting their child and encouraging him and Ms. Frantz to follow their hearts, as the school should have done. Most of all though, I applaud and congratulate Ms. Frantz and Mr. Bales for their courage and the example they are setting for so many other oppressed students.