Response to "The One Question You Should Ask About Every New Job"

As the New Year begins, and we start reconsidering the way 2015 has treated us, it’s interesting to note that one essential question people often forget to ask about their jobs is how the culture in their offices affects them. This article from the New York Times, which would be helpful for anyone looking for a different situation with the New Year, offers a narrative approach to judging the culture at any job, old or new. The right position, designation, and paycheck are important in securing employment, but the workplace environment is an essential element of well-being at work that deserves some reflection now that 2016 is here. Knowing that you’re entering a Stable Culture, rather than Disjointed or Dictatorial Culture, should be an important factor in any job-search decision. I go into more detail in my book, The Bully’s Trap, so check it out for more information.