Leadership in Unique Workplace Cultures

It’s no secret that discrimination is not at all foreign to the workplace – but this particular case, with women integrating into Marie Corps Combat Units, is unique in that the cultural ideas about gender seem to operate differently in a workplace structured around traditionally male tasks. The women working to join these units are admirable, as are the leaders who try their best to keep harmful hazing and bullying from occurring. However, the negative reactions many soldiers have had to the integration cited in this article are cause for concern. This extreme case is evocative of a larger trend in the workplace at large – discrimination, preconceived notions, and bullying are oftentimes not discouraged by people in leadership positions. With stronger and more empathetic leaders at the helm of military and private industry cultures alike, there’s a chance that workplace (and societal) discrimination can erode for all historically disenfranchised groups of people. Read the full story at the New York Times.