"Commit to Caring for the Culture More than the Quarter"

“You have to commit to caring for the culture more than the quarter.” This is the ideal mantra that every business leader should adopt. Jessica Herrin, founder and CEO of Stella & Dot Family Brands, was recently interviewed for the New York Times, and she seems to have the right idea about putting employees and business partners’ psychological safety first. If more CEOs had the same attitude, they’d see a difference in the quality of the work their employees do and a difference in their bottom lines – not to mention that creating an environment of well-being is simply the right thing to do. Check out the full interview at the New York Times.

Photo credit: Earl Wilson for NYT

Leading Through Praise, Not Fear

“This is something I really believe: People don’t take the opportunity to say nice things about their colleagues to others, or to the people themselves.” This is a very true commentary on the way workplace environments are not structured to support employees, coming from a leader who clearly knows that positivity is a better motivator than indifference. Read more about Carmelyn P. Malalis at the New York Times