How To Tell If Your Boss is a Demanding Leader or an Actual Bully

Last month, I was interviewed for a Business Insider piece on determining whether or not your boss is a demanding leader or a bully. The main distinction is that a demanding manager is not out to be cruel to employees, but to criticize constructively for the good of the business. Read the article for my take on the difference between a boss who challenges and a boss who bullies, over at Business Insider.

Leading Through Praise, Not Fear

“This is something I really believe: People don’t take the opportunity to say nice things about their colleagues to others, or to the people themselves.” This is a very true commentary on the way workplace environments are not structured to support employees, coming from a leader who clearly knows that positivity is a better motivator than indifference. Read more about Carmelyn P. Malalis at the New York Times

Giving More Corporate Chiefs the Steve Jobs Treatment

Executives rank pretty low in respectability ratings largely due to reports of scandal, greed, and fraud that have become almost daily news items. Perhaps if more historians profiled business leaders and CEOs the way Steve Jobs has been profiled, many of them would adjust their leadership styles to consider their legacies. Read the full article at the New York Times.