Alarmed whistleblower calls out Tesla


This Washington Post article describes what most whistleblowers face. As someone who blew the whistle on a corrupt executive and endured two years of retaliation, including a death threat I can relate better than most what whistleblowers have to endure, which is rather than being viewed as a patriot, being treated as a traitor.” I was fortunate enoughto have the resources to endure this horrific experience and come out on top. Most people aren’t that lucky. In my book, ‘From Bully to Bull’s-Eye: Move Your Organization Out of the Line of Fire’,I give advice to whistleblowers. My blog from April 2016 reveals what whistleblowers at the TSA experienced. A previous blog discusses this dynamic at Korn Ferry; and earlier this year I explain in another blog the importance of defending whistleblowers, referencing Volkswagen this time.