Here’s how my predictions that toxic workplaces are a huge problem has become reality.

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This Washington Post article was published in February, 2017 My book, ‘From Bully to Bull’s-Eye: Move Your Organization Out of the Line of Fire’,was published just prior to that. How prophetic this article is; and one could argue that the predictions were dead on, but in this whole area, things appear to have gotten worse, and have not improved. Is worse really better. Is that where we as a society want to go? Is this the type of world we want to leave to our children? I don’t think so.

My book discusses in detail the dynamics outlined in the article, their toxic work environments, and what we can do to improve our workplaces no matter which role we may play. As a world leader on the subject of bullying in the workplace, I maintain that by becoming aware of these critical issues and understanding their origins and solutions, we can change the culture of fear that most people endure into one where we live fulfilling our lives – our birthright.