This is what it is like out there


This story from the New York Times outlines how people fall into the bully’s trap and become complicit - a dynamic that is played out in most work environments. The Spotted Pig chef finally speaks about her role in the abuse scandal that has enveloped her and her partner, Ken Friedman. The rampant abuse and incredible web of fear and toxicity woven into this workplace mirrors what goes on across North America. 

This serious issue extends across the pond as well. British Parliament is populated by sexual harassers according to a government report. This Washington Post article spells it out and shows how deep-rooted this problem is. Fortunately, people are beginning to take notice and fight back.

In my bookFrom Bully to Bull’s-Eye: Move Your Organization Out of the Line of Fire, I discuss all aspects of bullying in the workplace. If you are experiencing, witnessing, or acting as a bully, this book gives practical advice on where to put your next foot.