Are Uber drivers better off without a human manager?


This piece outlines  how Uber drivers are controlled by an algorithm where they are constantly under surveillance, automated manipulation and threats of ‘deactivation’. Uber has totally taken out the human element in leading and managing their drivers. 

While this may seem like an inhuman way to lead and manage, Uber drivers may be better off than the majority of North American workers. In a Mental Health America/Faas Foundation survey of over 20 thousand respondents called ‘Mind the Workplace’ we found that human managers do not manage. Specifically, we found:

. Only 17 percent feel that their company appropriately deals with coworkers who are not doing his or her job. 

. Only 36 percent feel that if things get hard their supervisor will support them.

. Only 28 percent feel that people are held accountable for their work.

. 77 percent feel that people are being unfairly recognized while others with better experience or skills don’t get recognized.

Given these appalling statistics, it begs the question - ‘Are those who are managed by an algorithm better off than those who are managed by a human?’