What About the Other 95%?

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The news headlines over the past few weeks, about which I have written numerous blogs, have shown how publicly shaming some men, mostly the rich and famous, can actually make a big difference and work. Now, while the topic is still front and center, is the time for us to expose and bring to justice the rest of the predators.

In my book, From Bully to Bull’s-Eye: Move Your Organization Out of the Line of Fire, I discuss the processes to follow to address this societal perhaps the most insidious of our time. From the distinct perspectives of the victim, the bystander and the bully himself, I offer suggestions on how to make the necessary changes within a culture to change it from toxic to healthy.

Additionally, we must look at the broader scope of abuse and harassment. This abhorrent behaviour permeates all levels of society and spares no one. As I have asserted before, one’s gender, occupation level of educational, political affiliation or socioeconomic status has no bearing on who will be the victim, the bystander or the villain. 

Furthermore, usually when sexual abuse and harassment occurs, there are other forms of abuse and harassment.  Evidence of this is the fact that bystanders are afraid to speak up. How else could one explain how the abuses have continued on for, in many cases, decades?

With the groundswell of people coming forward to share their difficult and very personal stories, hopefully the attention that this real threat to our democratic way of life can be properly and effectively addressed. I encourage you to share your stories with me via social media or my webpage. As more and more bystanders find the courage to become a part of the #MeToo movement, the result will be safer and healthier children, families, places of work and communities as a whole.

Photo credit: Phillip Taylor