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Having viewed the news and read articles, such as the one by Matt Zapotosky in the Washington Post, I have been appalled by how the legislators and media have avoided the word liar. This is particularly disturbing when the subject is Russia, when Trump’s advisers have ‘spotty’ memories. Those people within Trump’s inner orbit have repeatedly adjusted their stories when confronted with documents or testimony that contradict previous accounts.

This prompted California Senator Ted Lieu to bravely ask Attorney General Jeff Sessions, at his hearing earlier this week, “Were you lying then, or are you lying now”?

CNN reporters Poppy Harlow and John Berman asked Mr. Lieu if he thought that ‘name calling’ was proper; and was it the right example to set for his children? Lieu responded in essence by suggesting that not calling people out sets the wrong example.

I believe that the real issue here is that the so-called justice system is skewed in favour of those who can manipulate their words to technically provide them with cover. Let’s all remember a lie is a lie.

Photo credit: Vimeo.com