Farewell to the Chief, Welcome to the Revolutionist

Each week we choose a Revolutionist of the Week. This week we can’t think of anyone more deserving that outgoing President Barack Obama.

President Obama’s farewell address included everything we’ve come to expect from the man—grace, class, dignity, intelligence, insight, genuine emotion, inspiration and brilliant articulation. But what was most striking for me was his call to action. My work is dedicated to being a revolutionist for psychologically healthy, safe and fair workplaces, which I believe will have a positive effect on all aspects of our lives. In Obama’s farewell address, I recognized a fellow revolutionist with a powerful message—as citizens we have the ability, and even the duty, to become revolutionists for change.

I define “revolutionist” as someone who influences actions to preserve, protect and advance the human rights of others. As he made clear in his address, this is Obama’s mission as well. I recognize the same imperative that motivated to write my new book, From Bully to Bull’s-Eye, to claim the rights and dignity they deserve.

Obama spoke about hope and possibility, something that we cannot function without, but he didn’t shy away from harsh reality. This is the voice of a revolutionist, someone committed to facing and understanding the facts but equally dedicated to working for change. I look forward to seeing what Barack Obama, private citizen, does in his next phase as a revolutionist. And I echo his call that no individual can do this alone, but together we can resist the threats to democracy and work toward positive change. 

Credit: Photo KABC-TV