Streep Gives America a Master Class on Facing a Bully

The woman who is arguably America’s greatest actress has just given us a master class on how to take on a bully. As everyone knows by now, Meryl Streep addressed our incoming Bully-in-Chief during her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes when Viola Davis presented her with a lifetime achievement award. Her voice brimming with emotion, Streep elegantly and simply laid out Donald Trump without ever mentioning him by name as Patrick Pacheco points out in “Streep’s Golden Globes Attack on Trump: A Brilliantly Simple Anti-Bullying Strategy.”  

Trump’s response has been an attempt to bully her into silence by calling her an “over-rated actress” (19 Academy Award nominations, three wins; 29 Golden Globe nominations, eight wins; 14 BAFTA nominations; two wins; 14 Screen Actors Guild Awards, two wins). But what made Streep’s speech so masterful? Without ever getting personal, she clearly laid out the facts that made her argument strong and presented a clear call to action—support the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) as we head into what promises to be a difficult, and even dangerous, time for the free press. America was listening. According to Forbes, the little-known organization has received an unprecedented rise in donations. Brava, Ms. Streep!

Credit: Images