Workplace Culture in Pop Culture

The idea that our popular culture is forming a microcosm of the way we process our work-lives is really interesting. The fact that, as this article points out, every one of this summer’s blockbuster movies was really about workplace issues is reflective of how massively our work impacts the rest of our lives. Whether it’s the new Ghostbusters struggling with starting a business, or Jason Bourne facing retaliation for standing up to corrupt bosses, we’re seeing our work play out on the big screen more and more. It’s just one more reason why we really need to examine our workplaces and their cultures critically – we spend most of our days at work, and spend a lot of time with the people we work with. Building emotional intelligence and transforming our work environments into healthy spaces for everyone seems like a no-brainer, but the resistance to cultural transformation is ingrained into many organizations. Solving problems at work isn’t as exciting, dramatic or easy as it may seem on the big screen – it takes effort, time and an earnest desire to make the organization work for everyone. Read more on this really interesting idea at The New York Times.