A Psychologically Dangerous Workplace

This is one of the most egregious workplace cultures I’ve heard of. Abbott Pharmaceuticals’ operations in India seem to display criminal levels of workplace neglect, bullying and stress. Based on this article, it seems as though almost all of their practices are designed to prioritize profits over employees and customers, to a literally dangerous point. From hosting sham free clinics to have doctors prescribe only their medication, to putting employees through so much strain that they feel the need to commit suicide – this is a seriously harmful way to run a business. Plus, the bullying that’s clearly going on there is insidious – for example, demanding employees transfer thousands of miles from their homes is completely underhanded and no real way to treat anyone, let alone the people who work for you. You can read more about Abbott Pharmaceuticals at The New York Times

Photo: Friends visit a place where one Abbott employee committed suicide. Photo Credit: Atul Loke for NYT