Top Workplace Bullying Articles - July 1-10

Cultural and Bottom Line Impact of Rudeness in the Workplace is Real – and on the rise

Demeaning and confrontational workplace behaviour shuts-down dialogue, ruins organizational culture, and can even hurt bottom lines.


Role models influence on workplace culture

A fascinating experiment involving kittens tells us that instinctive behaviours can be changed by the group leader setting an example. This has enormous implications for fixing toxic workplaces.


U of S researchers looking to make a change in healthcare

Acting on the fact that 10 to 40% of Canadians will experience workplace harassment, a team of researchers at the University of Saskatchewan is embarking on a series of role-play experiments to learn about potential bottom-up solutions to ending bullying.


Bully to you: 77 symptoms

Bullying can be overt, covert, or subtle. A person is a victim of workplace bullying if they experience any of these 77 symptoms.