Are Rex Murphy, Peter Mansbridge And Other Hosts At CBC Workplace Bullies?

It is now just over two months since Janice Rubin issued her report on the Ghomeshi affair. In the report she described the culture at CBC as being "host centric", which gives rise to the question - are other hosts at CBC workplace bullies? 

The Rubin report, other than news of its release has received scant media coverage and virtually no analysis leaving us to assume that there are other hosts who harass and abuse employees. We have inside knowledge of one host who is a notorious bully and like Ghomeshi, it is an open secret being covered up by the very top, human resources and the union.

Here is a blogpost we did when the report was issued and called on the CBC to apply the same standard of accountability that applied to Ghomeshi. 

In the blog we point out that by not dealing with the others in the same manner as Ghomeshi, CBC will lose at arbitration and be forced to pay him a huge severance. We also point out that by not going after the other bully hosts, it is grossly unfair to those who do not harass and abuse their employees.

The CBC, after firing Evan Solomon because the Star exposed the situation, can ill afford another body blow and would be well advised to come clean.