Veterans Affairs

Why Hasn't USA's VA Been Fixed Yet?

I agree with the sentiment of this article, that the laws surrounding the management of the US Department of Veterans Affairs should be reconsidered to make effective regulation a reality. However, I’m still wondering why employees who have clearly attempted to take advantage of the system aren’t fired outright. Why are the judges deciding these cases siding with clearly corrupt employees, who are out to help themselves more than veterans? It’s shameful, and I’m frankly surprised more Americans aren’t up in arms about what’s going on at the VA. Continue reading at The Wall Street Journal

Image: Bloomberg News via WSJ

Notes on "Chronic Indifference at Veterans Affairs"

The situation described here at the US Department of Veterans Affairs is either a case of not knowing how to handle organizational cultural restructure, or “chronic indifference” as the author puts it. It seems to me that people at the top are being protected, while low-level employees are playing the role of sacrificial lambs – all the while whistle blowers are being retaliated against for pointing out glaring disconnects within the system. Note that not one senior level executive has been fired, despite the mismanagement and corruption. Read the full article at the Wall Street Journal.

Photo Info: Robert McDonald 2014, via WSJ and Getty Images