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Hate to Break It: The Media and Donald Trump

The sentiment of this scathing article, written by Jonah Goldberg, the senior editor of the National Review, is exactly correct. Time and again, we see pundits in broadcast news brush aside any suggestion that they are directly culpable for the rise of Donald Trump in the United States. It’s true of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and it’s true of countless other shows as well – calling Trump racist, bigoted and ignorant may make you feel better, but if you’re giving him near-constant free news coverage, it’s a net win for Trump. By falling into the bully’s trap, many in the news media have contributed to Trump’s campaign, essentially handing him the election. The free publicity Trump has gotten is a huge reason he’s now the presumptive GOP nominee, and ultimately, history will judge those who failed in their job to question Trump, comment knowledgeably on his positions, and inform the public with viable information. For more on this, read Goldberg's article in the National Review.