Employee Retention and Workplace Culture

Employee Retention is more important than ever before

In the modern workplace, employee retention has become a difficult to achieve, but vitally important, factor in determining the success of a company. As Tara Talbot notes in the Globe and Mail, a bad workplace environment is one of the top reasons why people decide to leave a job and a good environment is the number one item that influences a person to accept a new position. A poor workplace culture can lead to the loss of valuable team members, while deterring other qualified candidates from joining. Conversely, companies with positive workplace cultures are much more likely to attract and retain effective employees. In a world where innovation and expertise have become so highly valued, workplace culture is a difference maker that can heavily influence the success or failure of a company.

How can workplace culture be improved?

A company will attract and retain employees when it becomes a place where employees feel safe and supported. Any form of workplace bullying puts these conditions at risk. If conditions are less than ideal, resulting in high employee turnover, it is likely that a cultural transformation is needed. In my book “The Bully’s Trap” I discuss how these transformations can be put into place. Keeping talented workers on the team should be a priority for all employers, and the importance of employee retention is one more reason why workplace bullying should not be encouraged, or even tolerated.