Self-pity and outrageous denialism


As described in this Washington Post opinion by Erik Wemple, the ouster of the New York Books editor because he published Jian Ghomeshi’s essay - a feeble attempt to make a comeback - was highly appropriate. The editor was obviously sympathetic to the “boring self-pity and outrageous denialism” of a serial sexual predator who has no sympathy for those he violated. 

 Ghomeshi still maintains that he was fired from his high-profile position with CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, because of his alleged sexual deviances outside of the workplace, something he was acquitted for. 

What is hidden by him and the media is the real reason for him being fired. He bullied, harassed and abused people in the workplace. Ghomeshi does not deserve any pity until such time he genuinely expresses remorse for those lives he has ruined. Unfortunately, like most high-profile sexual abusers, his ego won’t allow it.