A bizarre reprimand


As related in this New York Times article, an Ohio State University report and other documents portrayed Zach Smith as a troubled assistant coach accused of domestic violence who was protected by Urban Meyer, a powerful coach.

However, for some bizarre reason, the penalty the Ohio State University’s trustees imposed on Mr. Meyer (a three-game suspension) is less than a slap on the wrist. The head coach was either grossly negligent in missing obvious signs, or he was, at the very least, dishonest in covering for the assistant coach. This penalty does not fit ‘the crime’. If he worked for me he would have been fired. The University has sent a terrible message to students here. 

Equally troubling is the ongoing saga of Michigan State University where the former gymnastics coach, Kathie Klages, lied about whether she knew that Lawrence G. Nassar had abused numerous young women, prosecutors said. Yesterday, she was formally charged.

As with the Ohio State story, the troubles at Michigan State and other similar situations are almost always open secrets.