It’s still an old boys club


Do 100% of male CEO’s in Canada believe there is not a sexual harassment issue in their organization? 

In my book, ‘From Bully to Bull’s-Eye: Move Your Organization Out of the Line of Fire’, I assert that attitudes of leaders need to change. This article in the New York Times highlights how little things have changed from a century ago. 

At a ‘Women in Leadership Conference’,  the female event coordinator tried to hook me off the stage for having the audacity to give the same message as in this article. The reason she cited was, “It offended the event sponsors”. 

Based on a survey of CEO’s in Canada, 93 percent do not believe there is a problem in their organizations. Really?

This Globe and Mail article would strongly suggest otherwise. Considering that 95 percent of the respondents were males, one could conclude 100 percent of male CEO’s are clueless on what is going on in their organizations. Perhaps this is the reason for Canada’s dismal productivity and innovation rankings.