Startling Statistics! – Or, Are They?


Among thousands of LGBTQ teens, a survey finds anxiety and fears about safety. Despite all of the advancements made, including same sex marriage, attitudes towards LGBTQ people remains hostile. This Washington Post article spells out, using startling, horrible statistics, how LBGTQ teens feel, based on what they endure. It is becoming increasingly more apparent that people feel it’s okay to torment those who are different.

In his commencement address to Hillsdale College, Vice-President Mike Pence painted a hopeful, yet naïve, view of how Christians are winning the culture war. Eugene Scott’s analysis in this Washington Post article suggests a very different reality - America is not as religious in practice or identity as Mike Pence told college graduates. The reason is a simply one;if Pence was accurate, the hate epidemic would not exist.