So why did NBC not have an external investigation?


The in-house investigation that “found no evidence” that anyone in authority at NBC received complaints about Matt Lauer until days before he was fired does not adequately address the question of who knew what and what did they do about it. If the brass and Human Resources did not know until days before Lauer was fired, as it is implied in the report, then it acknowledges gross negligence. 

Tom Brokaw’s accuser offers the perspective that most people who are harassed face, which is where predators, abusers, and bullies, with the help of the brass, try to turn the ‘victims into the villains’.

It is patently obvious that employees are afraid to be seen going to Human Resources, who work in glass offices at NBC, for fear of retaliation. It is no small wonder that there were no complaints filed. Just because there were no complaints filed does not mean there wasn’t a problem. This, like most of what we have covered, appears to have been an open secret for years with Human Resources and people at the top, only acting on it after it gets exposed. 

This is yet another classic example of the question I ask in my book 'From Bully to Bull's-Eye; Move Your Organization out of the Line of Fire', “Is your workplace culture a ticking time bomb”?