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This heart-wrenching story from the Washington Post articulates the moral decay we are currently witnessing and experiencing in society today. People are angry; and there is much to be angry about.  A fundamental reason for this anger is the feeling there is no one or no place to turn for support. This assertion is substantiated by ‘Mind the Workplace’, a survey of 20,000 North American Workers conducted by Mental Health America and sponsored by the Faas Foundation, where we found that only 34 percent of respondents felt they could rely on their co-workers for support when things go south for them at work. Add to this the scandals being exposed in every segment in our society, situations that in most cases have been open secrets for years and in some cases decades. Add to this the erosion of democracy. Add to this the polarization of positions and politics. Add to this the almost impossible access to justice for the average person. Add to this people being gouged. So when we add it all up it is totally understandable that people are angry. This kind of feels and sounds like the early thirties to me. 

Photo credit: pxhere.com