I REPEAT: Is Your Organization Sitting on a Ticking Time Bomb?

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With the recent White House bombshell exposing Rob Porter, it is obvious, once again, that no one is immune to abuse - sexual or otherwise. The White House’s tardy and disingenuous response speaks volumes about just how serious this matter should be to all of us! Why else would Trump, who I believe is fully informed, continue to protect the people in his inner circle who he considers to be a star?

This misuse of power extends far beyond the acts themselves. Leadership is sitting on critical information and trying to sweep it under the rug until it is quietly forgotten or until the problem disappears. This behaviour simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Politicians are scrambling to protect their own butts for one of two reasons. Either Trump has some information about them that they want kept private, or they don’t care what principles or morals they stand for as long as they protect their position. Some Republicans are jumping ship in record numbers before they get caught themselves. Others with some sense of decency still in place can’t stand the craziness anymore and are returning to life outside of politics. Who can blame them?

So, I repeat – Is Your Organization Sitting on a Ticking Time Bomb?

Photo credit: publicdomainpictures.net