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This story in The Washington Post is reflective of how powerful the NRA is. Notwithstanding the fact that over 70 percent of Americans want gun controls, in response to calls for raising the age limit for purchasing a gun, the NRA basically gave the finger to that over 70 percent. 

The NRA is the most powerful lobbing group in Washington, and they have the lawmakers in their pocket. Their trying to make a survivor of the Florida shooting out to be a conspirator shows just how ‘lower than whale shit attached to an anchor’ the NRA and their supporters are (including Donald Jr. who was dumb enough to weigh in on the conspiracy theory, ‘liking’ a tweet because the student’s Dad was a former FBI agent).

As a believer in conspiracy theories, my belief is the conspiracy here is to make sure there are a sufficient number of people with guns to stage a coupe when attempts are made to oust Donald Jr.’s dad.

The right wing sliming of Douglas High students by Dinesh D’Souza can’t be ignored. It is repulsive and destructive.

Blaming the FBI for all these tragedies is irresponsible, yet it is in Trump’s playbook, reinforced by NRA chief Wayne LaPierre’s comments. When you listen to his appalling speech, spewing blame on the FBI “socialists” and mental illness for the gun violence, he is making out that the NRA is the custodian of patriotism.

As this Op-Ed by Thomas Friedman articulates, only raw electoral power can beat the gun lobby. The only hope for America is for its citizens to toss out all of the lawmakers who accept contributions from this despicable group.

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