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There is clearly a need for a substantive change in how politicians demonstrate leadership because the underpinnings of our democratic system are in real jeopardy. This is a recurring theme historically, as explained in this insightful opinion piece by David Brooks in the Globe and Mail. This lesson is particularly relevant today, not just as it relates to Governments, but to organizations in general.

The British, during the period of upheaval in the mid-nineteenth century, did not consider Irish Catholics as human beings. Today we live in a period of time where far too many people are being dehumanized.

For reflection on this important subject, I refer you to the article and informative graphs by John Ibbitson and Darrell Bricker illustrating by country the percentage of people that believe that there’s too much immigration - the US at 48% and 35% in Canada.

Let us all learn from this not only to value one another, but let us all learn that we actually need each other.