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A number of high profile women have recently been jumping on the #MeToo bandwagon. In most cases the actions of those they are exposing ‘for the first time’ were open secrets. So, where were these women when the abuse occurred? In most cases they were silent bystanders who did not come forward to defend or protect the abused person(s). And, as a consequence to taking that stance, they became complicit in the abuse.

One such celebrity is Katie Couric who recently broke her silence about Matt Lauer, feigning ignorance when referring to his exposure as a sexual predator. This is an astonishing admission, especially given the fact that she is going to do a television segment on sexual abuse?

The fact of the matter is that Couric has no credibility on this issue. She acknowledged that Lauer pinched her ass on numerous occasions; yet she now maintains, “I had no idea”. Only if she considers being pinched on the ass normal behaviour can she justify her claim.

I believe that for some reason she is protecting Lauer. Could it be she was the predator? I know from my own experience, women have the capacity to be predators -can also assert they can be vicious when crossed.

Another woman claiming to be a feminist, Margaret Atwood, is clueless relative to what people are going through. She would rather protect the predator than the people who have been targeted. You will recall that she was one of the first people to defend Jian Ghomesi’s defense without apparently doing any due diligence. As an award-winning author and someone who the media goes to, she shouldn’t be touting herself as any kind of a feminist other than a horrible feminist!