In this Globe and Mail article, Justin Giovennetti exposes a scandalous and dangerous breach of trust between employees and employers. The increase in the minimum wage in Ontario is at the center of the issue.

The parent company of Tim Horton’s, Restaurant Brands International, claims they have no control over their franchisees, which is total and absolute bullshit. It never ceases to amaze me the shortsighted stupidity of leadership. In a period of time when there is not over-abundance of people to hire, and given the economy and simple demographics, the availability of people to work will only worsen, particularly at minimum wages. To exploit these workers in retaliation for being at the lowest rung on the ladder is deplorable. This smacks of the same lack of proper consideration for all stakeholders recently experienced by Sears’ employees.

Customers are beginning to take notice and to take action to voice their opinion. It is this kind of groundswell of support by customers hitting companies where it hurts most that can bring about the change required to achieve psychologically safe workplaces.

Photo credit: Wikimedia commons