Resistors, not Trump, Will Make America Great Again

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In his latest op-ed piece, Charles M. Blow, in his New York Times article, explains exactly how our very democracy is being dismantled.

I share Charles Blow's extreme frustration and admire his consistency in building resistance, calling on people to resist what is now painfully obvious - the systematic destruction of democracy. A few months ago I wrote a book review on Eric Larson's "Beasts in the Garden of Evil”, which describes how in just eighteen months Hitler dismantled democracy in Germany. I predict Trump will break this record. The only way to stop him is resistance. 

In advance of the Athens Democracy Forum, The Times solicited essays on some of the challenges facing nations today. In this piece by Serge Schmemann, we can see yet another perspective showing that American democracy is under attack.

In another article by Kishore Mahbubani, it becomes abundantly clear that the Western ideology is being replaced by nationalistic positions by such powers as Russia, Japan, China and Turkey.

As new heads of state emerge on the international stage, the future of geopolitics is changing hands. Cooperation will likely prove to be far more successful than upheaval.

I have written about the necessity for people to take action in my book, From Bully to Bull’s-Eye: Move Your Organization Out of the Line of Fire, pointing out that bystanders help perpetuate the crisis by not becoming involved in resisting those who created it in the first place.

Author: Andrew Faas

Photo credit: Titanus