The survivors of Hurricane Harvey do not need empty tweets and platitudes.

hurricane harvey rescue.jpeg

Praise should be heaped on the many, many volunteers who have taken on the leadership roles of rescuing neighbours, friends, community members and in some cases, their closest companions – their pets. This is in sharp contrast to bullies Trump and Osteen, as described in Anthea Butler’s New York Times article.

Recognizing the tremendous efforts by volunteers instead of offering empty wishes of hope would have been the appropriate response. Snakes like Trump and Osteen are laser focused on ignoring people during their weakest and most vulnerable moments.  Trump has reached greater heights than I had previously predicted with this latest deflection however, identifying positively with the worst weather event in modern history.

With no mention of the suffering and devastating loss to the hurricane victims, and with no offer of help, Trump is methodically and frighteningly assembling an ‘army’ of supporters in an effort to discredit any attempts at his termination.

In my book, From Bully to Bull’s Eye: Move Your Organization Out of the Line of Fire, I discuss what motivates bullies to operate as they do. Encouraging people during their darkest hour with tangible and heartfelt actions goes a long way in recovering from such devastation.

Photo credit: Army National Guard photo by Lt. Zachary West