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A fool’s paradise is the best way to label the Rose Garden celebrations of Trump, and other top Republican lawmakers, after miraculously enacting what will undoubtedly be dubbed the worst tax bill in history.

This is like the sickening cabinet meeting a few months ago. The scary thing is they may be truly genuine, but my bet is they are all scared shitless that unless they pay this kind of homage to the Fuhrer, he will seek revenge.

Mike Pence’s performance went even beyond nauseating. In a Cabinet meeting, Pence praised Trump once every 12 seconds for three minutes straight. Clearly he has pledged subservience to a man who is unworthy of respect. But he is not alone!

The self-serving kowtowing to the ‘leader’ shows a desperation exhibited by the leaders of the Republican Party that conjures up the image of rats abandoning a sinking ship. They walk the gangplank of greed on steroids and blind hope, in an effort to save their butts during the next election. Michelle Goldberg’s New York Time’s Op-Ed column spells out how this unflagging and frankly dangerous adulation may simply be a reflection of a pathetic handful of puppets.

Roger Cohen describes, in his New York Times Op-Ed column, the disintegration of American values set against the backdrop of Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem “If”. It’s time for all of us to take a sober look at exactly what tatters of America we have left.

For a chilling look at the similarities between Hitler in 1934 and Trump in 2017, one can look at Wessam Ahmed’s article in Quora for five parallels.

In The Washington Post, Ishaan Tharoor’s analysis of Trump as a leader during his first year holding any public office shows the depths and heights of power mongering, which has become normal in the Oval Office. It is indeed a very scary state of affairs when Trump’s base of support, albeit 32% of voters, would likely stand up and pledge Heil Trump unless a substantive move by the voice of reason appears.

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