Bystanders Must Feel Safe When Stepping Forward

Complaint Department - Bystanders Fear.jpg

Trying to change corporate culture using traditional methods, away from that of toxic and illegal sexual harassment and abuse, has been tried before and failed. But innovative ideas like showing bystanders how to intervene, as well as promoting more women have proved effective.  In her New York Times article, Claire Cain Miller explains this dynamic and offers some solid suggestions. Elizabeth Svoboda suggests seven ways to finally put an end to this behaviour in her Washington Post feature.

I have been trying to advance this approach for years. This will only work if the boss sets the example, first by actively participating, by also being trained and dealing swiftly with any wrongdoing that is identified.

Bystanders must feel absolutely safe and free of retaliation in becoming resistors, protectors and defenders of those targeted. In my book, From Bully to Bull’s-Eye: Move Your Organization Out of the Line of Fire, I devote a chapter to the bystander and offer advice on what they can do while feeling safe.

Photo credit: Wikimedia