Paul Ryan's Unique Opportunity

Paul Ryan has a unique opportunity right now – the opportunity to flush some substantive truth out of Donald Trump. Trump’s refusal to endorse Ryan aside, one of the main thorns in the proverbial side of Trump’s campaign is his refusal to open his tax returns to the public. Since Trump has no history of public service for voters to judge him upon, his tax returns would provide some hard records on what he’s actually accomplished, especially considering that he’s selling himself to the American public on his business prowess and integrity.

With the spotlight on Paul Ryan due to Trump’s vindictive refusal to endorse him, Ryan should use this opportunity to turn the tables. He should demand that Donald Trump make his tax returns public in exchange for his continued support. Not only do the American people need to make sure Trump doesn’t have any skeletons in his closet, but it would be good for Ryan to truly test how dedicated Trump is to the political party he’s dominating in what looks like a hostile takeover. Additionally, it may push the media to press harder on Trump’s background, which until this point has remained largely unchallenged by the American press. If Ryan decided to really push Trump at this moment, it could be a turning point in the US election. 

Image via The Fiscal Times