Putting Yourself Before Your Country


People may disagree with Leonard Pitts Jr.’s assessment of Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan’s decisions regarding Donald Trump. However, I agree completely with him – those who endorse Trump are doing so out of self-interest or bitter partisanship rather than putting their country first. The comparison of Paul Ryan and Franz Von Papen, who was partially responsible for the rise of Hitler for his own political expedience, is completely fair. A few Republicans, like Mitt Romney for example, should be commended for standing up to Trump and the rest of their party for refusing to endorse a dangerous, racist and fundamentally flawed candidate. The GOP loses big time whether or not Trump wins or loses the election – they’ve exposed an immensely problematic underbelly to their values. America needs a party of common-sense conservatism if it wants to continue having a healthy two-party system. The way current Republicans are tepidly, almost shamefully, endorsing Trump is in and of itself shameful. You can read Pitts's piece at The Miami Herald.