The Six-Hour Work Day

It’s hard to argue with some of the results seen in Sweden in favor of a six hour workday. Workers generally seem to be better rested, and therefore more productive in the time that they spend at work. While many business leaders argue that having to hire more staff due to the shorter workday is too costly, many types businesses have seen that initial cost covered by the increased productivity of workers. While it may not work for all businesses, it seems to work at least for some. All in all, employees should be measured by their output and the quality of their work, not by the hours they spend in the office. Relying on more substantive metrics to understand our workers will lead to a more comprehensive system for employees and managers alike. You can read more about this in-depth at The New York Times

Photo: Gabrielle Tikman, a surgery nurse, thinks the six-hour workday helps her stay focused. Image by Magnus Laupa for NYT.