The "Greater Conversation" Needed About Workplace Respect

The debacle regarding Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan and ABC seems to have taken the media by storm, to the point where Ripa joked about it being a “national nightmare.” The main aspect to take away from Ripa’s comments after returning to “Live” is to make the connection about the “greater conversation” she hopes to begin about “communication and consideration and, most importantly, respect in the workplace.” When Ripa feels disrespected in her workplace of 26 years, she can take a week off because she has a certain element of power associated with her position. For many people dealing with similar or more severe bullying in the workplace, displays of power aren’t an option. Ripa should be commended for commenting about respect in the workplace. However, if the media continues to focus solely on the drama of the story, rather than widening the scope to discuss workplace bullying in general, it’ll be a missed opportunity for raising national awareness. You can read more about Ripa's reaction to ABC at CNN Money.