A $455 Fine for 18+ Months of Sexual Harassment

This particular story of sexual harassment in the workplace, between UC Berkeley diving coach Todd Mulzet and another male employee, is interesting for several reasons. Firstly, it occurred between two men, which is notable because many cases similar to this one are not highlighted in the media. Secondly, the idea that paying $455 is supposed to rectify the issue is completely asinine. While the coach in question is required to take a sexual harassment course, the incidents described in this article indicate that the harassment was ongoing and severely distressing. If the harassment took place over an 18 month period, why is the coach only being docked 5% pay for two months? This punishment indicates a fundamental disregard for the employee who reported Mulzet. Whoever’s decision it was to simply dock pay and send Mulzet to a sexual harassment course should be fired – along with Mulzet. Read more about this story at USA Today