When a Bully Moves into the Whitehouse, Resistance Matters

The American people are looking for ways to effectively protest. Unfortunately we can no longer rely on the mainstream media to provide necessary checks and balances, even though they are more necessary now than in any time in our lives. Perhaps this is why non-profit journalism groups are receiving an unprecedented flood of donations—Americans want to stay informed during what is beginning to look like an authoritarian regime from the incoming presidential administration.

As I discuss in my new book, From Bully to Bull’s-Eye, Donald Trump is the textbook definition of a bully, so it’s no surprise that Americans are looking for ways to make their voices heard. And, like the bully that he is, he’s already made an unprecedented move to smother free speech by having his presidential inauguration committee block access to the Lincoln Memorial, and effectively most of the National Mall, with a massive omnibus blocking permit. To compound things, this is in effect days before AND after the January 20 inauguration. Hundreds of thousands of women have already made arrangements to join the Million Woman March during the inauguration. This effectively shuts them down. No wonder independent journalism groups are receiving such support. They will be desperately needed in the weeks and months to come.

Credit: Unidentified Photographer, March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, August 28, 1963