Where Were the Whistleblowers When Big Pharma Offered Bribes to Doctors?

It’s getting so we don’t know who we can still trust. Drug company Insys Therapeutics was recently brought up on racketeering charges for offering bribes and kickbacks to doctors to push their product, an aerosol form of the painkiller fentanyl, according to this New York Times article. The drug is highly addictive and given the current prescription opioid epidemic it spurred the U.S. Attorney in Massachusetts to file the charges to look out for patient safety. But should we really have to rely on the courts, rather than our physicians, to look after our best interests when it comes to health? And where were the whistleblowers? This scheme only came to light because of criminal investigation. Too often executives at Big Pharma get off scot-free while the rest of us suffer. I agree with Patrick Burns of Taxpayers Against Fraud who was quoted in the article—if this means that Big Pharma and its executives are finally held responsible, this case could be a very big deal indeed.