How Will Facebook's New Workplace Platform Affect Work-Life Balance?

Today’s workplaces are in a constant state of evolution in terms of technology. I’m not breaking new ground by declaring that the Internet is changing everything, but it truly is. Facebook’s new Workplace platform sounds modern, efficient and maybe even a little fun for employees used to spending a lot of time on social media. However, I have one question about this and other work communication apps like Slack: how will they affect work-life balance? Work-life balance can be a buzz-phrase for human resources types, but there’s obviously a lot to be said for having time away from work. People today spend so much time on their various social media profiles that I can foresee potential issues with an app designed to be similar – or nearly identical to – to the ones most people use just for fun. Anna Wiener discusses in this article in The New Yorker: Workplace by Facebook, or A Party in the Office.