Trump Bullying of Clinton Reaches New Low at Final Debate

One of the most important parts of creating psychologically healthy, safe and fair workplaces is learning how to identify and deal with bullies. Last night’s final presidential debate featured a man whose bullying tactics I’ve been writing about for months. In fact, Donald Trump inspired what might well be the shortest chapter in any work of non-fiction in North America—in my new book From Bully to Bull’s-Eye (RCJ Press; January 10, 2017) all I needed was one word in my chapter, “Definition of a Bully” to illustrate what I wanted to get across; that word is: Trump. I’m glad to see women refusing to be intimidated and embracing his latest bullying comment to Secretary Hillary Clinton and making it their own, but calling her “a nasty woman” is classic bullying behavior. 

Photo: KGO-TV