Response to BBC Scandal

This story is harrowing. The Jimmy Savile sexual assault scandal at the BBC is one of the worst ways a harmful workplace culture can manifest itself. The report described in this article cites a culture at the BBC that “discouraged young women from filing complaints” about “sexual misconduct or harassment in particular.” Just as upsetting is the idea presented in the report that the atmosphere for whistle blowers is even worse now than it was when Savile was there. What explains the gross negligence at the BBC? Was it a culture of indifference, a lack of knowledge or a lack of belief? Considering the ample evidence amassed (over 400 witnesses to Savile’s abuses were interviewed to compile the report), it’s easy to believe that the truth was willfully ignored by those who didn’t have the courage to stand up to the worst of the worst kind of workplace bully. You can read more about the scandal at The New York Times.