Top Workplace Bullying Articles July 17-24

What the 1971 Stanford prison experiment teaches us about workplace bullying

Further discussed in The Bully’s Trap, the infamous 1971 Stanford Prison experiment provides insight on how decent, regular people can become willing accomplishes to seriously abusive behaviour.


I Was Bullied at Work – And I’ll Never Let It Happen Again

One woman’s real-life nightmare in the bully’s trap, and what she thinks about it looking back.


Do we need a law against workplace bullying?

A law against workplace bullying in Tennessee is sparking debate. Bullying can destroy lives and create mental health issues, but that’s not always the case. So do we need a law against it?


How Workplace Bullies Push Whistleblowers to the Brink

Whistleblowers rarely have it easy, but the vicious and personal nature of bullying cases can deter whistleblowing altogether. That’s a big problem.


Workplace Bullying: Senate Edition

Andrew Faas takes a closer look at serious allegations of workplace bullying by Don Meredith, and what they mean for our Senate.